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Tune Accessory for the Yaesu FT1000MP tcvr:
I have used the FT1000MP for a while and what is the biggest pain is having to change to CW to produce a carrier to tune the ATU. I was on the excellent web site at www.va3cr.net.

Here is a photo of the finished unit. Its very small and sits just beside my keyer. Press the button and the rig goes into transmit at a low preset power for tuning. Click here to go the page on the VA3CR site 'Tuning Device by PA3BWK'

Logikit CMOS-4 Keyer:
Built this last year from a kit I got from the USA. Its a great keyer and much better than the one in the Kenwood TS2000. Its got 4 memories and will do lots of functions. A very useful one evening project. Check it out here.

Oak Hills Research OHR Classic:Front of rigBack pannel
I have been interested in qrp since I was first licensed in 1979. My first qrp rigs were all G3RJV designs like the SCD and other direct conversion rx designs. I have always had an interest in construction and qrp. Unfortunately many of the things i built over the years got taken apart so the parts could be used in other projects. This one has not and is still used now and again.

This rig was produced by OHR in the early 90's as a kit. I got my hands on one in 1998 and it was not long before I have it built. It is a great little rig and covers two bands of your choice (at purchase). The one I built covers 80m & 20m with up to 7 watts on 80m and about 4 watts on 20m out and a great RX. It was supplied by G3TUX and I think it was one of the last of that model sold in the UK. Its got a built in curtis keyer. Below are pictures is the finished rig.

UndersideThe under side view showing the Curtis chip keyer (small pcb) & the RX/TX RF board.
Top sideThe top side with the mixer vfo on the left & the RX/TX IF audio board on the right.